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Re: help me put my coil on a diet; its capacitor appetite is expensive!

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Nick,

LTR according to JavaTC is something closer to .48 uF (hmm... $2400 worth of 942C's, even if I only use strands of 15! I think I am going to pass on that option).

You NEED to fine the "voltage, peak current, and RMS current". If your cap can handle those three it will not blow up. Since your other caps failed so easily, something was way too high for them. We normally think of LTR caps for NST systems that have well defined current limiting. Since I don't do pig systems I am not sure how well that would work there.

No need for LTR with a pig. The energy is too high (near 50j) and the cap cost would be enormous. Running STR is the normal mode of choice with pigs. You'll still be well below transformer resonance yet have plenty of juice to run high bps if wanted. I'd stick with professional pulse caps if possible but spec the caps for the peak, rms, and voltage just as Terry stated so there's no more failures.

Regarding CSI. It doesn't surprise me that they were in no hurry to contact you. 15 years ago I was told by a CSI employee about an incident with a "want to be" coiler. He had them build a cap to "his" spec then his application killed it. His daddy just made CSI pi**** off during the recoup the cap cost situation. I was told directly that Tesla Coils were sort of shy'd away from due to this incident (I don't know if it's been forgotten about by now). Their real money is in quantity and quantity is what gets their attention. Like I mentioned, I was lucky enough to acquire the polystyrene high voltage pulse caps, but only because the company I worked for purchased a large quantity of caps from CSI. CSI caps are excellent! I've been running those 60KV .02uF caps off and on for a long time and not a failure even in pig mode (no heat, no anything but good running caps I can count on to do what I set them out to do). Like I said, I was lucky to be talking to the right guy at the right time.

Take care,