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Re: Seibt: Visualizing Standing Waves on a Resonator by Corona

Original poster: "Gary Peterson" <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Bart,

I had a little better luck and located the following two images:

1) http://www.ntmsc.org/images/seibt_effect1.jpg
2) http://www.ntmsc.org/images/seibt_effect2.jpg

I'd like to see #1 reproduced for starters. One question is whether to stick with the classic circuit as illustrated or replace the induction coil with an NST, and the Leiden-jar pair with two matched MMCs. I'm leaning towards the latter. It's interesting to see that both circuits are, in essence, magnifiers.

A related HV Tesla demonstration that I'd like to see reproduced is "impedance phenomena," performed during his lecture "On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena," February 24, 1893, before the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, March 1893, before the National Electric Light Association, St. Louis. An image of this demo, Fig. 183 of "On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena" posted at http://www.ntmsc.org/images/IRW_fig-183.gif, shows the same parallel arrangement of the break and series connection of the capacitors in relationship to the power supply transformer.

The apparatus can also be seen to Tesla's right in a wood cut of the 1891 lecture at Columbia; "Experiments With Alternating Currents of Very High Frequency, and Their Application to Methods of Artificial Illumination," May 20, 1891, before a meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in New York City (see http://www.ntmsc.org/images/columbia.gif). Note what appears to ba a single vertical conductor parallel to the vertical loop, perhaps mimicking the modified Seibt arrangement.


Subject: Re: Seibt: Visualizing Standing Waves on a Resonator by Corona
Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Gary,

I've been playing off and on with a Seibt coil with help from Kurt Schraner. But as far as correspondence or some type of original documentation, I am at a loss. Googling has turned up nothing. I'd like to see some original documentation myself.


Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Gary Peterson" <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

In regards to the thread "Re: Seibt: Visualizing Standing Waves on a Resonator by Corona" from May-June 2005, where can I find info on Seibt's original demonstration? We would like to attempt reproducing the effect at the TMSC 2006 conference.