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Brand new Neon rings and small inverter flybacks for sale.

Original poster: mercurus2000 <mercurus2000@xxxxxxx>

Hello, I wanted everyone on the list to know I've acquired a large amount of neon subwoofer ring kits with flybacks and microphone electronics, these are basically neon tubes shaped in a circle and housed in high impact plastic(that's removable) for decoration of large subwoofers for the cars everyone always hears booming down the streets, the kits are exactly like these here http://www.pyleaudio.com/itemdetail.asp?model=PLNR12BL except they are a different brand, these would be good for all sorts of high voltage and tesla coil experiments, the neon rings and easily be played around with by the more clumsy without having to worry about breaking the fragile glass inside, use them for demonstrating the near field effects of tesla coils or other high voltage sources, you can use the medium size potted flyback to drive a small or mini coil or cascade multiplier, they work great for both. I have kits that come with 12inch ring pairs and 10 inch ring pairs, they're all blue, the inverter and circuit runs off 12vdc, the inverter itself is seperate from the microphone electronics, so you can use the sound sensing electronics for another project if you wish, and use the inverter alone to power whatever else you want to run. I'm asking $4 per 10inch pair kit plus shipping, and $5 for the 12inch pair kits plus shipping, The price I'm asking alone is worth it just for the high voltage electronics, and the tubes especially, since neon tubing is quite expensive. The flyback produces about 2KV HF AC. Also, the 10 inch kits will ship quite easily in a standard USPS priority mail box without any additional packing material after you trim the plastic packaging a little, the 12 inch pairs will cost more to ship of course. I have ALOT of these so please let me know if you're interested.