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Re: Kill-a-Watt meters

Original poster: "Sean Taylor" <sstaylor@xxxxxxxxx>

I was asked which version these are, so I'm including all the info I
have here.  The model is P4400, P3's webpage is:
The only difference between the picture from the distributor and the
picture from P3 is the color of the kWHr/cost button - yellow on P3's
site, purple from the distributor.

Specifics about cost: Cost will be $18 each, as I stated, shipping
will probably be around $5 or under.

Steve Ward and I will be working on making it higher power - ie using
a CT and PT (or divider) to go up to 240V, 40A or so, and will be
posting what we find for those interested.  I'll probably be buying 3
or 4 for myself to experiment with!

Sean Taylor
Urbana, IL

On 8/25/06, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Sean Taylor" <sstaylor@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
I work for a retail store and recently got an ad from a distributor we
work with.  They have Kill-a-Watt meters for under $20, and I'd be
willing to make a purchase of several for those who want one, just
adding shipping, I'm assuming shipping will be less than $5.

Email me if interested as soon as possible and I'll get this going . .
. sstaylor(at)gmail(dot)com

Sean Taylor
Urbana, IL