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Re: faraday cage

Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

in a rush i forgot the entire reason i wanted to build a faraday cage was for school demonstrations, as tesla coils do not play nice with computers. and the whole bit about the hv suit was just because it would be pretty awesome to get up close and personal with a fat sparks.

On 8/24/06, Tesla list <<mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <<mailto:drake89@xxxxxxxxx>drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello again

I want to first say that last weekend I went down to see Dave
Rieben's coil last week and it was AWESOME!  I had never seen a coil
in real life, and seeing all of his hv gear and his coil was great
(especially the quarter shrinker).  He also gave me some 942s he had
so maybe I can beef up my main cap. ^_^.  Ive been searching through
the list archive for a little while and what Im wonder about now is
faraday cages.  If i build a form out of small pvc pipe and cover it
with metal screen or chicken wire, and somehow attach a fat ground
connection to it will it work?  Can i ground it to the same rf ground
as the seconday?  How big can the mesh of the cage be?  (for a
smallish 12/30 nst powered coil)

Also, i have to ask about these suit things.  Ive seen dr. megavolt
or whatever he's called and some other guy with another enormous coil
wearing one, and obviously im intrigued.  Do these things operated on
the same principles as a faraday cage?  I know its dangerous, but can
it really be that hard to make one for my purposes?  I mean heck, i
saw some obviously insane woman sitting on top of a torroid shooting
lightning out her fingers on the discovery channel and she didnt have
anything on!  Sorry for the long and juvenile post, and as always
your knowledge is invaluable.