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Re: Dispose of pole pig on Long Island?

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I don't know what your trash pick-up situation is in your area, but around us there are countless "junkers" in their beat-up old pickups scouring the alleys and neighborhoods for anything metal that is being thrown out. When I was cleaning out my mother's garage prior to her moving (my father died 25 years earlier and he was a bit of a "collector". And it's hereditary, but I digress) I would put metal junk in the alley and someone would show up seeming within minutes to grab it. Hardly a scrap of anything metal ever made it to the dumpster I had to rent.


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Hi all,

I have a 14.4kV double bushing pole pig I fried several years ago and I am wondering how to get rid of it. It came from T&R and is like new outside...it just is internally shorted. I have the non-PCB certificate for it and am just wondering how you get rid of something like this. I don't have a pickup truck or anything to move it with. Any thoughts?

Around here, you get one free "big trash" pickup per year (sofas, appliances, etc.).. All you have to do is get it out to the curb, and they take it from there. Your transformer's not hazardous material, just big, oily, and heavy.

Actually, given the current scrap prices for copper, if it has any copper in it, you might find someone to take it for the scrap value.