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RE: CVS Disposable Digital Camcorder

Original poster: "Michael Doyle" <msdoyle@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, the latest version of the software OPS v0.20
http://saturntools.sourceforge.net allows total access to the cameras
memory and firmware so you can download all movies or just the last,
format storage, enable mass storage and even upload movies. You can
change camera settings and even personalize the splash screen that
appears on power up. The camcorder contains a 128MB Hynix flash chip so
with mass storage enabled it can be used as a smart media card would.

Michael Doyle

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Original poster: stan gray <wsmg@xxxxxxxxxx>

Does the program or interface allow you to dump the mem and do it again?

Tesla list wrote:

 > Original poster: "Michael Doyle" <msdoyle@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 >   Hi all,
 > Just an FYI this may have been discussed on the list before if so I
> apologize. CVS drugstores have small, lightweight, easy-to-use digital
> cameras and a camcorder that can record up to 20 minutes of  >
decent-quality video on to its built-in memory.  Consumers typically  >
purchase the device for $29.99 from the CVS drugstore, shoot their  >
video, and then return the single-use camera to the store (plus another
> $12) to get it "developed" onto a DVD.  Instead of relying on CVS for
> development, hackers on the web have figured out how to retrieve the
> videos using just a normal computer and an easy-to-build USB cable.  >
> I bought one downloaded the software, and built a cable all in under
an  > hour and now have the ability to take decent-quality video or
photos of  > my coil in action without risking my more expensive
equipment.  >  > Michael Doyle