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RE: Sloss Fright Furnace

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jeff,

I'm about 60 miles north of B'ham. I have always heard they had a nice coil
running each Halloween, but have never gone. I'll be sure to go this year.


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> I just got back from the fine state of Alabama where I helped the
> folks at Sloss Fright Furnace re-install their Model 8J Tesla coil
> (now the SG10-TC). The Sloss Furnace is a 100 year old iron smelting
> factory that is now a state landmark. It is an amazing maze of huge
> brick lined iron pipes, silo shaped iron tower furnaces and of course
> the giant air blast smelters that turn ore and limestone into liquid
> metal. Cool!
> If you live near Birmingham, AL or want a Halloween vacation of a
> lifetime, don't miss the Sloss Fright Furnace haunted house and tour.
> We've been doing this gig for five years and it just keeps getting
> better and this year should be something very special!
> <http://www.frightfurnace.com/>http://www.frightfurnace.com/
> Jeff Parisse