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Re: Strange Phenomenon In DC Powered VTTC

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Go to teslacoil.com and look at the video of our VTTC on the "Equipment"
section. You see at the very end of the video the arc all coalesce into one
spinning arc tornado just before the fade out. I believe convection and the
coriolis effect are at play. It would be cool to see a frame by frame on the
original tape (I'll add it to my list). ;-)


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Subject: Strange Phenomenon In DC Powered VTTC

> Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey guys,
> I got the DC power VTTC going tonight and noticed something I've never
> before. The coil runs on a single MOT with a full wave rectifier and
> cap at about 2kVDC. I'm getting a 3 inch discharge so far that is
> silent. I was playing around with the discharge drawing arcs. I noticed
> you can start an arc on the side of the torroid and it will begin to swirl
> around the side of the torroid like a little tornado. This continues after
> you pull away and I've seen it continue to run for almost a minute. This
> while the primary discharge output from the electrode continues.
> It's a really neat display. I tried to capture it with my camera here:
> http://www.teslauniverse.com/members/cprince/images/dc_vttc/DSC00127.JPG
> Have any of you seen this before?
> Thanks,
> Cameron