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Re: bulkheads / baffles in secondaries

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Almost all routers, jig saws, Dremel-type high-speed grinders, and even many newer table saws use "universal" type AC-DC brush type motors. Use your variac to reduce the AC input voltage and spindle speed, and therefore reduce friction and the tendency to melt the plastic workpiece. The reduced friction will immediately be apparent, especially with low-melting point materials like low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The reduced cutting speed also provides more control over the cut.

Scott Hanson

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Hi Gerry, you mention cutting poly board with a jig saw. Are you referring to polyethylene cutting board? I've tried using a jig saw on acrylic & other plastics, but the heat from the blade seems to melt the material & the melted material either closes the cut behind the blade or leaves a hard to remove pile of melted/refrozen plastic along the edge of the cut. Not sure I've tried polyethylene yet. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dennis Hopkinton MA