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Re: Spark gap spheres

Original poster: "Dave" <dgoodfellow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

For spark gaps I like to use brass pull chain balls as found in the ceiling fan department. The balls have a 1/4 inch hole in one side, and at the opposite end of that hole is a smaller hole which is the right size to run an 8-32 tap. The larger hole on the one end makes for a better spark gap than a round ball. I tried to use 1 inch round brass balls on a gap one time, and the performance was miserable. It is important to use flat surfaces for spark gaps.

Dave Goodfellow

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Original poster: "Rich & DJ" <rdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I got mine at Home Depot in the lamp area , where they have the 3/8 27
rod and the switches and lamp parts.

Rich, from the middle of Missouri

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Hi All,

I know this has been discussed before, but I don't seem to be able to
the posts. Anyway, I need some brass or copper spheres, blind tapped
4/40 or 6/32 thread, 3/8" in diameter. I know someone on the list posted
link for reasonably priced ones. Anyone got that link handy? US$5 is the
cheapest I have found so far, and I need 20 or so.