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RE: Cylinder Static Spark Gap

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Glen,

I just went through this and I understand your frustration. Here's how I
handled it:

I made a pattern on a piece of plywood or cardboard like this:


You place the couple on the plywood where the ring is drawn and mark on it
where the two marks are on the pattern. Then rotate the couple CW so the
mark which was at the bottom is now at the diagonal mark and make a new mark
on the couple at the bottom. Do this for each cylinder in your gap.

Then take a square and place it on the end of the couple and mark lines all
the way down the couple aligning with the marks from the pattern. This
should give you even, or close to even, spacing for each gap and should
hopefully make them parallel to each other.

As for where to drill the holes on the lines, just use a tape measure and
hopefully a drill press with a block at the proper position to ensure you
always drill the same spot all the way around.

You will have to experiment to find where the diagonally placed mark should
be in relation to the mark at bottom dead center as for your gap spacing. I
would plan on sacrificing at least one couple, but at least you have many
tries in with it.

Hope this helps and let us know how it goes.


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> Trying to build a Cylinder Spark Gap out of a 6" piece of PVC (it's
> actually a coupler not an actual piece of pipe). Currently using 1" x
> 4" (ish) OD Copper pipe. Between 6 and 8 electrodes. There must be an
> easy way to layout and drill the holes. I've tried to use exact
> measurements but I didn't get the results I was looking for (which
> means I can't figure out the measurements). I've resorted to trial
> and error which I'm not particularly impressed with. This stink'n
> thing is making me cross eyed.  I'm almost to the point of unplugging
> the dremel and beating it against the garage floor. Figured I'd drop
> the list a line and see if some of the veterans could show me some tricks.