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Re: Cylinder Static Spark Gap

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I usually drill the holes I want in the copper pipe segments first
and then hold 2 of the copper pieces together in place with the
holes lined up where the PVC pipe is directly under the holes while
at the same time holding the 2 copper pipe segments spaced apart
from each other with a credit card. Then I mark throught the
holes in the copper pipes onto the surface of the plastic PVC
pipe with a Magic Marker and drill the holes into the PVC
pipe accordingly. This method usually gets me pretty close
spacing and the spacing may end up a bit too close. The copper
pipe can be worked and pried a bit if necessary to properly
space the gap. If the gap ends up a bit too wide (considerably
greater than say 1/16") then you can place spacer washers in
between the copper pipe segments and the surface of the PVC
surface to raise the copper pipe segments "up" to where the gap
is "shortened". Of course this is going on the assumption that
you're placing the copper pipe electrode segments on the INSIDE
of the PVC pipe or fitting.

Hope this helps a bit,
David Rieben

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Subject: Cylinder Static Spark Gap

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Trying to build a Cylinder Spark Gap out of a 6" piece of PVC (it's actually a coupler not an actual piece of pipe). Currently using 1" x 4" (ish) OD Copper pipe. Between 6 and 8 electrodes. There must be an easy way to layout and drill the holes. I've tried to use exact measurements but I didn't get the results I was looking for (which means I can't figure out the measurements). I've resorted to trial and error which I'm not particularly impressed with. This stink'n thing is making me cross eyed. I'm almost to the point of unplugging the dremel and beating it against the garage floor. Figured I'd drop the list a line and see if some of the veterans could show me some tricks.