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Re: Racing Arcs Explained???

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dest,

Yes, I seem to have just redone all your previous post #:-))

Cprimary is not needed after all.

I should have read your old post harder...  Sorry



At 11:47 AM 8/15/2006, you wrote:
sh#t - dest again here : D

> Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Just to follow up...  If we take the example Dest gave:
> http://www.pupman.com/listarchives/2006/May/msg00381.html


> But he does not mention Cprimary...  That value is needed to know
> di/dt which is critical factor too...

really? read on : D

a bunch of absolutely useless formulas and wasted time (fortunately
not mine : D) was here : D

> V2 = M x di(Lp)/dt
> dI(t)/dt = Vfire / Lp

so V2 = M * V1 / Lp - right?
now look at my post:


"v2 = v1 * M / Lpri"


"But I don't think he did it quite right... But I think he did the
di/dt wrong.  If it was done right, I think his conclusion would be
different ;-)))"

who is wrong - dest is wrong?
who need all this crap about di/dt?

> So at 3 inches, the voltage stress along the primary is 35000 volts /
> inch in the first fraction of a microsecond after firing....  Dest
> got 40kV/inch too!!!

how dest was able to get "40kV/inch too" if dest was wrong?

> The voltage profiles Paul has at:
> http://www.abelian.demon.co.uk/tssp/pn040502/
> Will enter into this all too...

so Paul was wrong too, right? LOL : )))

> Of course, Gerry's paper provided the key to it all ;-)))

i`ve found another one hypo on this:


i think that you "active coilers" guys can easily check this one, coz
in this case you may try and separate electrostatic from
electromagnetism and vary something one, while not changing the other.

> BTW, if one were to make a pure impulse transformer based on M x
> di/dt rather than resonance, the example below crates about 250kV
> over 10 inches of secondary coil.

"BTW, if one were to" check that my old post, one may find that "example
below crates about" 320kV "over 10 inches of secondary coil" - not
250kV as ya said : )

Let the bass kick! =:-D