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RE: NST Fried?

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Leo,

You may have lost one half of the transformer. To confirm this, attempt to
draw an arc from each high voltage terminal to the case. My guess is you
will only get an arc from one side. If this happens, most likely you have an
open secondary on that side. It could possibly be fixed, but not a fun job
as you have to chisel the case off and then chisel through the tar potting
material. I would advise buying another one on eBay before dealing with the
mess. In the meantime, you can run the coil at half power by running the
connections from the good terminal and the case.

By the way, do you have a filter between your coil's primary and the NST? It
sounds like it was a victim to high frequency kickback.

Good luck,

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> Hello Everyone,
> After switching from x-ray capacitors to MMC's my son's and my tesla
> coil was running great for about 5 minutes producing beautiful long
> streamers....what a sight!
> Then it just stopped.  I disconnected the NST xfmr (12KV - 60MA) from
> the coil, connected a pair of wires to the terminals to see if it
> would produce an arc.  It did, but the wires had to be a minimum of
> 1/4" away before the arc would start and it would grow to only about 1".
> Is my NST fried?  Can it be fixed?
> Thanks.
>          Leo