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Re: NST Fried?

Original poster: Stan <wsmg@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Leo,

You probably fried one side. Try arcing each side to the case of your nst and see if both arc, if one side doesn't it's bad. I've never tried it yet but sometimes they short to the case and melting the potting inside the nst will reinsulate it, so I've been told. The other guys on the list can probably help more. If you don't have a terry filter build one or you will just keep risking frying nsts. You probably want to check your static gap and safety gap also they might be set to loose. Those big streamers were probably from to wide of a gap on your static gap or the safeties. Hope this helps.

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Hajdrowski, Leo T." <leo.hajdrowski@xxxxxxx>

Hello Everyone,

After switching from x-ray capacitors to MMC's my son's and my tesla coil was running great for about 5 minutes producing beautiful long streamers....what a sight!

Then it just stopped. I disconnected the NST xfmr (12KV - 60MA) from the coil, connected a pair of wires to the terminals to see if it would produce an arc. It did, but the wires had to be a minimum of 1/4" away before the arc would start and it would grow to only about 1".

Is my NST fried?  Can it be fixed?