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Re: low-cost source for copper tubing?

Original poster: "Thomas Coyle" <zxcasd@xxxxxxxxx>

Ebay's always been my favorite place. There seem to be HVAC contractors going out of business regularly or dumping surplus copper from jobs. Shipping is usually high, but I recall last year paying about 1/4-1/3 Home Depot pricing even including the shipping. As always with The Bay, the key is to be patient and keep your eyes open for the hot deal. I also find myself browsing the categories directly - every so often you'll find someone who misspells a listing, so no one ever finds it through normal searches. In this case, a good place to start would be Home & Garden / Heating, Cooling & Air.

On 8/10/06, Tesla list <<mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Gomez Addams <<mailto:gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>

The last time I bought copper tubing for a primary, I got it from
Rayback, a surplus plumbing outfit in Boulder.

This time, I plan to use type K (thicker wall than the more common
Type L) 1/2" tubing, flattened in a rolling machine so I can fit more
turns into a given amount of space.  Unfortunately, Rayback doesn't
stock type K, although they can special order it, but they're
refusing to give me a price over the phone.  I guess they don't want
my business any more.

I need 91 feet, or roughly a 100 ft. coil.  (some places sell it in
100' coils, although 60' coils are more common at the big box
stores.  I'd rather not have to splice it if I can avoid it)

Has anyone found a low-cost source for copper tubing - online,
perhaps?  The prices at the big box stores (Home Depot, Lowes) are
shockingly high.

- Bill "Gomez" Lemieux