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Re: vacuum pump on da ebay

Original poster: Tim S <stm800@xxxxxxxxxxx>

becareful when reading the label printed on the pump as to the ultimate pressure it can obtain.ratings on pumps usually are taken with almost no volume on the inlet just the measuring device.and in the days of old the measuring device standard was the McLeod gauge.

this type of measuring gauge only reads partial pressure not total pressure like a pirani type sensor does, so the readings of the McLeod gauge look better than they actually are and are subject to calculation error of true compression ratio. still today pump manufactures and slick marketing skills to sell their pumps state the lowest pressure on the datasheet. this i have seen personally and is on one of the best days with everything connected to the system totally heated and outgassed from moisture to obtain this ultimate pressure. you definately need a 2 stage pump and then a simple turbomolecular compression type to get below 1x10-3 ragge. thats 1 microm or 1 millitorr.

i could go on but that is enough for me.
email me off list if more info of the desired thought process if desired..


Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Mike"

Also has a 2 stage that's rated .1 micron/millitorr. Always thought a
diffusion or turbomolecular was needed for that low (almost low
enough to make your own vacuum tubes/caps/etc).

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Subject: Re: vacuum pump on da ebay

>Original poster: Tim S
>i'd be really surprised if that old single stage would hit 15
>microns with a decent 2 liter of volume to be removed. new oil tko19
>will be needed aditional 20 dollars plus shipping a gallon container.
>i guess i'm just spoiled to have new 2 stage pumps that truly hit 4
>microns absolute pressure.
>all the best tim
>Tesla list wrote:
>Original poster: Ed Phillips
>Any of those three pumps would be useful. I'd be surprised if
>the last two go for under a couple of hundred bucks each and worth it
>if in decent shape.