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Re: Ion inception voltage in oil

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Finn,

When we do all the 2D or 3D finite element E-field analysis stuff and volts, per say, meter stuff. That gives is a volts per distance stress number. If that exceeds the number for the oil, disaster is expected... Someday...

So if we have and edge of metal at say a voltage stress of 1000V/mm and the oil is rated at 1001v/mm we are fine. But if the oil is 999v/mm, then corona starts "in the liquid" oil and it starts to "burn" in a way and degrade. Unlike air, damaged oil is not replenished with a fan...

In practice the numbers are far more drastic... But the voltage standoff for oil is really high and if you exceed it your are super pushing something way way above the normal... >;-)))



At 11:13 PM 8/9/2006, you wrote:

I am wondering how high up the ion inception voltage is moved, when the parts in question are put under oil. Anyone?

Cheers, Finn Hammer