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Re: MMC Question.

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Again,

I couldn't help myself :o))

Ipeak = Vfire x SQRT(Cp/Lp) x EXP(-R x pi x SQRT(Cp/Lp) / 4)




At 11:05 PM 8/8/2006, you wrote:
Hi Gerry,

You are, of course, mathematically correct. I was attempting to come up with an easy to visualize, intuitive explanation for someone who is enthusiastic, but to whom the math and theory seem to still be somewhat of an amorphous cloud. IMO, Ipeak = Vfire / sqrt (Lp/Cp) is anything but visual or intuitive, but it certainly IS accurate as long as R ~ 0.

Matt D.

For some strange reason, when I wrote up the Tesla coil formulas thing I used:

Ipeak = Vfire / sqrt (Lp/Cp)

Instead of  the more proper form:

Ipeak = Vfire x sqrt (Cp/Lp)

That was corrected a while back:


In the case of the SISG, primary resistance is very important since we are using giant primary caps, small value primary coils, low voltage etc.

So the equation then becomes:

Iprimary = Vfire x SQRT(Cp/Lp) x EXP(-R x t / (2 x Lp) x SIN(t / SQRT(Lp x Cp))

That equation is used to find primary resistance buy comparing to digital scope captures too.


I suppose one could take the differential and find the first zero slope point for a closed form for peak current with resistance.... But that would make my brain hurt ;-))

I am sure you wanted to know all that :o)))