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Re: MMC Question.

Original poster: "Glen McGowan" <glen.mcgowan@xxxxxxxxx>

Ahhhhhh lol, thanks everyone for the replies. Definetly Option 2.



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Hi Glen.
     It makes a great deal of difference! Trace the flow of current
in your diagram and you'll see that in option #2 you actually have
only ONE string of 16 caps folded in the middle, giving you 0.01875
uF with a peak voltage rating of 32 kV. In option #1 current flows
through both strings simultaneously, giving a capacitor which is
0.0375 uF @ 16 kV peak, but with twice the current handling
capability. Your MMC voltage rating should be at least 1.4 times the
RMS voltage output of your transformer. In option #1, 23 kV is
pushing the limit, while in option #2, 12 kV is running the edge.
     The more questions you ask, the less chance of you or your coil
becoming a spectacular casualty.
Hope this helps,

Matt D.

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Just received my new shiny bag of caps that Dr. Resonance kindly
provided. I got my fancy polycarbonate MMC perfboard fabricated. But
now that I got to thinking; what would be the best way to wire them
up? Option #1, would it matter if  I terminated *both* strings to the
same two pieces of metal at each end of the MMC? Or should I go with
Option #2 and keep them all in a strict series? Wouldn't it still
perform the same function in either scenario? Forgive the newbie
question I'm sure this is basic electronics.


Option #1

         |                            |
         |                            |
--IN----|                            |---------- OUT --->
         |                            |
         |                            |
         |                            |
         ^                         ^
         Aluminum Strip          Aluminum Strip

Option #2

      |-----||--||--||--||--||--||--||--||-------------- OUT --->
      Aluminum Strip