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Tesla UV apparatus?

Original poster: Dgboorse@xxxxxxx

After a DRE, PSA, and TRUB my Dr said I had PCa and needed CAT and PET scans.
The Dr gave me some www. addresses and I found my options included WW, TURP,
TUMA, EBRT, SI, PR. I chose EBRT so the RO did a few days of 3D-CRT and
several weeks of IMRT. I'm now in remission and thought I'd read something on the
web other than about PCa, but I don't understand you guys!

Actually someone posted a very helpful lexicon of TC abrs. and acronyms about
a month ago. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted it and I am having trouble
understanding the postings.  If you could repost that, I promise to save it
properly this time. Thanks.

My interest in TC is that about sixty years ago, I had an "ultraviolet ray
machine"-a bit of medical quackery that (supposedly) cured all known diseases.
My father picked it up cheap at an auction.

It appeared to be a small hand-held Tesla coil inside an attaché-sized box
that had various shaped vacuum bulbs which could be attached and glowed with a
purple glow. If you inserted a metal rod instead of a bulb, you could hold the
rod in one hand and make a fluorescent tube glow by picking it up with the
other hand.

I recently found the UV ray machine but it is no longer working. I tested
the wires and coils for open circuits and they seem OK, but I don't know how to
test the capacitors. This apparatus was probably built in the mid '20s.
Anyone out there familiar with these UV ray gadgets?