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Re: Kaluza and Klein

Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Per Terry,

> http://www.matter-antimatter.com/kaluza-klein_theory.htm

"In 1919, Theodor Kaluza unified Maxwell's Electromagnetism and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity & Gravity by adding a fifth dimension."

Yes, they unified Maxwell's EM and Einstein's GR in the 5th dimension. This despite Paul's assertion they only exist side by side. I'm sure he will come around and is capable of admitting his error though.

> But it appears to only be really useful in say super high gavitational > fields or at super high relative speeds approaching that of light. In > those cases, it should help predict the effects of relativity and > distortions of measurements made outside of that (relative) gravity or > speed.

Hmmm ! Speed of light, eh? That's a pretty relativistic velocity. We're not talking about speeds in measurement devices or instruments here. Let's consider photons interacting with the coil. Whether they be light or radio frequency "waves", those little particals emitted/captured by the coil. Not waves anymore. No more wave partical duality either. Waves are rather passé in the QED arena. But, particals at relativistic velocities which by their very nature reside in the quantum realm. It's becoming very apparent that quantum mechanics transcends all scales from the very microscopic subatomic scales to cosmic scales. QED or Quantum Electrodynamics is just that and it is at the basis of all electrodynamics. It is exquisitely theoretically and experimentally precise, far more so than all previous theories.

Anyway, I'm not here to defend Jared's novel coil or his theory. That's for Jared to do. I do defend his right to express himself without being subjected to arrogant ridicule. Listen closely to his argument and respond in a polite, respectful manner. It is Jared who chose to link his coils with EM and relativity. Those "in-the-know" chose to bash him without even considering there is a theoretical connection between the two. I just provided the Kaluza Klein linkage.

For an easy introductory read regarding QED see Feynman's "QED". It's paperback and written for lay audiences. And, it's easy to understand since it's written in Feynmanese.