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Re: A kinda? new discovery and coiler in northern ca.

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Original poster: lystrash2@xxxxxxxxxxx

First off I was wondering if you guys have heard anything about them finding a superconducter that works at relativly warm temperatures (40 kelvin I think) for those of you who dont understand the significance of that (doubt theres many of you on this kind of listing) you should be able to run as much electricity as you want through something with zero resistance or heat energy.. I dont know how this would be significant to telsa coils because honestly I dont have a clue about how they really work being the kind of person who learns best doing with their hands (though I am pretty smart and good at physics) and am seein if there is anyone in the Sacramento/amador county (USA) area interested in helping me out. E-mail me back at koontar at comcast . net

By the way I read about the superconductor in a new scientific american
it is made out of  magnesium diboride.



	"Modern" high-temperature superconductors work at LN2 temperature, way
of 40°K.  The copper losses in a TC are small compared to those in the
spark gap and secondary streamers, so wouldn't help enough to consider
messing with.