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Re: oil for transformers

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes and no
Motor oil potentially has "bad things" in it to deal with problems in
engines (i.e. it has little metal particles to "absorb" acid (by
dissolving))  If you must, use straightweight non-detergent, ashless
non-dispersant motor oil.
Vegetable oil spoils

Use real transformer oil, or failing that, USP mineral oil that has been
dried (use silica gel).  It's the same price as motor oil ($5/gal), and
available in convenient 5 gallon pails. If you're sinking MOTs in it, you're
going to need a gallon or so, by the time you do it a couple of times. You
might be able to scrounge a gallon of transformer oil by calling places that
do transformer servicing, or X-ray technician/service places.  For gallon
quantities of USP mineral oil, try feed stores (it's used as a laxative for
horses and cows).

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