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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hehehehe!!  If it screws all up, get one of these ;-)))




At 05:00 PM 3/29/2005, you wrote:

Trying to assume you will hit resonance under 14.7 turns is a big mistake.
I told you how to do it last night.

Dr. Resonance

> To match the capacitance obtained from the software's online (for the
> toroid), can I just purchase any size aluminum duct from Lowe's or Home
> Depot (say 4"x8' piece or 3"x8' piece)? Or do you I have to physically
> measure the capacitance of my toroid once it's been constructed?
> Correct me if I am wrong but if the following is true, then it the
> statement above does not really matter:
> The larger the capacitance on the topload (i.e., the larger the toroid),
> the more turns I would need to tap to get the TC to tune?
> The smaller the capacitance on the topload (i.e., the smaller the
> toroid), the less turns I would need to tap to get the TC to tune?
> Since I have around 14.7 turns, the point of tap must occur on the 14th
> turn or less.
> Your comments and remarks will be appreciated.
> Thanks again,
> Ben Medina
> Rolla, MO.