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I love that quote from Dr. Neilson. How right-on he was and is!
Paul Brodie
Think Positive
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> Hi All,
> Comments interspersed:
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> We simply do not trust coil measurements, and would rather lean on
> experimental inference. We have made so many accurate predictions with
> our models, that the laws of probability indicate that pure
> coincidence is no longer a possibility.
> Uhhh, if you don't trust coil measurements, to what are you comparing your
> predictions to substantiate your claims of accuracy?
> Coils are relativistic devices. You cannot say for sure that the
> ground is firm beneath your feet when taking measurements of
> relativistic effects.
> About as relativistic as a '49 Ford Tractor, which has a very small
> magnitude QWIF (quantum wave function)
> E.M theory is vast, and not of a single mind or consensus.
> Quite true. There are pioneers on the leading edge of research, there are
> the mainstreamers for whom the existing theory works for 99.9% of the cases
> and that's good enough for them, and there is the lunatic fringe. The
> problem arises from the fact that group 3 believes and declares itself to
> be group 1.
> Finally: I am not going to be bullied out of the sand box, or lower
> my standards of propriety and decorum on your account. Get used to
> turning around and seeing my face.
> I don't think anyone has ever been excommunicated from the list. Usually
> they just find a more receptive and gratifying audience elsewhere, like
> keeleynet, etc.
> As to the complaint in an earlier post about the list having to rehash the
> same topics again and again, I would off this quote:
> "The same battles must be fought every year, the same material covered
> every year, the same fuzzy thinking sharpened every year, and the same
> foolish notions purged every year, as long as parents are going to continue
> to create children who become freshmen." Dr. C.E.Neilsen Prof. emeritus
> Physics Dept.,OSU, Columbus, Ohio 1976.
> Matt D.