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Re: primary coil

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Wow! That's a mere 1:1 aspect ratio! Is this a simple cylinder that's
4 ft tall and 4 ft in diameter from top to bottom or is it cone shaped where
it's 4 ft. in diameter at the bottom but considerably narrower in diameter
at the top? Most coilers opt for an aspect ratio between 3:1 and 4:1.


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Hello i bought a secondary coil that is 4 feet high and 4 feet in diameter for 25 dollars on a plexiglass tube. What would be the best primary coil for it because i would think a pankace primary wouldnt send the electromagnetic feild up high enuff. Also what would be the best aproximate number of turns with number 4 insulated wire for a pankace primary. Would someone be interested in building me a fairly nice primary coil and i would pay for it. Preferably a simple pankake primary to match that coil.