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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


At 09:43 AM 3/28/2005, you wrote:
>From Jared Dwarshuis:

I will start with Adam:

Adam, you remarked that anyone with half a brain knows that Nicholson
is right.
Perhaps if you try thinking for yourself,  the other half of your
brain will grow.

I do ask all members to be kind and not make rude remarks toward each other. It really has no use here and my tolerance wears thin fast...

Now to Ed:

Not sure who the question of group or phase velocity was addressed to.

The second part of your question I can answer, and the answer is no.
Our LC derivation does not account for the self capacitance of the
coil, only after adjustment would it be useful for design work.

Now to Terry:

First I appreciate that you are a gentleman, one who has the good
sense not to be condescending.

I looked at your paper on the uniform currents across a coil. I
suppose I would have to ask you how these measurements might be
effected by the rather intense E field at the top of the coil. With a
time varying electric field intensity should diminish with 1/r.
Also, how do your probes measure displacement current if it is present?

Details of the fiber optics and such are here:


An early version is used here:


The current probes are build inside the terminals now days:


Also note the field probes:


Might want to see this paper too:


Lastly, Nicholson:

We simply do not trust coil measurements, and would rather lean on
experimental inference. We have made so many accurate predictions with
our models,  that the laws of probability indicate that pure
coincidence is no longer a possibility.

Oh!! "OK"... I can't help you there. But I think we all understand each other even though we certainly do not agree...

Coils are relativistic devices. You cannot say for sure that the
ground is firm beneath your feet when taking measurements of
relativistic effects.

The ground has always held up fine for me and my coils ;-)) I have never had a problem with measurements once I figured out how to do them right. Ignoring real world data is.... We'll, I'll stop there...



E.M theory is vast, and not of a single mind or consensus.

Finally:  I am not going to be bullied out of the sand box, or lower
my standards of propriety and decorum on your account.  Get used to
turning around and seeing my face.