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Re: drsstc questions

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


At 11:03 PM 3/27/2005, you wrote:

> 1. Could these things be ran w/o the big electrolytic caps if it was ran
> from a 720v Li ion battery pack (5A max continuous current draw)?

Afraid not.

 Or are
> they more than just for filtering?

Indeed they are!  They have to supply several hundred amps for a few
hundred uS (typically 150uS for smaller coils).  I dont know if a
battery will do that.  Also, compare the ESR of a giant electrolytic
with that of a battery.  I dont know the ESR of those kind of
batteries, but i have a feeling its pretty high if its only rated 5A

I was cleaning files yesterday and I guess I deleted all my Li-poly explosion videos :-( But search the web...

They can supply thousands of amps till they explode like a hand grenade!! They keep doubling the peak current output of the technology every few months!! Illeagal to ship by aircraft now since they almost fried LAX... Lot of "regulations" for Li-poly went into place in October... All that burning elemental lithium flying all over the place... Hard to put out...

But "I" would not touch the goofy battery thing... DRSSTCs are complicated enough already. Run it off plain old AC and get a UPS if you want to run in the middle of the desert... If you are a battery guru and want to go that route, then more power to you ;-))