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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Transmission line theory was popular in the 80's especially with the
Corums.  But I never saw an example where they actually got the analysis
to work...  They were on the right track, but the devil was in the
details...  "

	Whatever happened to the Corums?  Haven't heard anything out of them
lately.  Last I heard someone on another list said they were working on
commercial applications of Tesla's power transmission system and
"expected results very soon".  That must have been three or four years

	I think transmission line theory, properly applied, might give fairly
good predictions of the performance of a long skinny coil without any
top load, but that's about it.  With the short coils we make and load
with high-C topload terminals, lumped constant analysis is perfectly
correct and a lot simpler to play with.