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Re: high coupling -> racing sparks was Re: horizontal half wave(double ended) coil

Original poster: Bert Hickman <bert.hickman@xxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Paul,
At 06:23 AM 3/27/2005, you wrote:

But, nobody is studying these things. Perhaps the new generation of
solid stage systems will offer the precise control necessary for
such work. -- Paul Nicholson --

My DRSSTC is computer controlled :-))))
Last night I wrote a little program to do:
1 cycle, wait 1 sec, 2 cycles, wait 1 sec, 3 cycles, wait on sec.....
to 30 cycles...
I can vary the power at will and the "BPS" from 40 Hz to ~250 Hz...
The firing cycle pulse width can be varied (on the fly) from 10uS to
Specs (slightly out of date due to new top terminal and protection chokes. ~103kHz now) are at:
I am all ears if you know something fun to test!!


Hmm.. this sounds like a great approach for getting a better handle on macroscopic spark propagation characteristics/parameters. While we already know that spark growth occurs from bang to bang, the precise control of your setup could also allow us to determine whether spark growth also occurs from one RF cycle to the next during ringup. By using a 1 sec wait time (or longer), the vestiges of the previous discharge should virtually be gone.

Some possibilities:
Using a breakout ball of known diameter, slowly increment the number of ringup cycles looking for initial breakout. Then slowly increment the number of ringup cycles to see whether the average discharge length continues to increase with an increasing number of ringup cycles.

If so, does the incremental spark length increase follow a x*Sqrt(Pwr) law?

If spark loading begins to "clamp" resonator output during ringup, does the clamping action also reduce/prevent further incremental spark growth?

Does the above behavior change as the rate of energy transfer (per cycle) is varied (is it possible to easily change the rail voltages on the driver for these tests)?

Is there an optimal rate for resonator ringup in order to see maximum incremental spark growth?

Lots of interesting possibilities here... :^)

-- Bert --
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