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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: "Bob (R.A.) Jones" <a1accounting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Here is a link to a pic of a discharge.  The exposure time appears to be
short as it was taken in day light.
Note the discharge even close to the top load is violet when it is spread
out by the banjo effect.
It appears as if the whiteness of many discharge pics is caused by
saturation effects in the image.
This may even be true when viewed by eye.


All some one has to do is take some pics at a high F number and perhaps with
a neutral density filter.
Don't compress the image. Check if the pixels in any of the color channels
are saturated. If they are it does not represent the true color.
Try again with less exposure or a more dense filter

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> Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi Finn, > I saw this earlier but waited to confirm the "in person" and > not on film observations of color. > Based on streamers being to the air and arcs being to ground or another > hard near ground target, your > colors are confirmed. Tonight I asked Robert Golka, very pointedly in the