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Safety Chokes

Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I guess I'm really concerned with my house wiring more than the NST.

A couple of months ago my home computer stopped working. Upon further inspection I noticed the power supply was toast!. I'm not sure if my Tesla coil did this or not.

I've been researching Terry Fritz's filter design. I realize nothing is fool proof but I want to be as safe as possible.

I just purchased a Universal Voltronics 28kv 0.01 cap. What is the safest way to discharge this cap?
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Date: 03/27/2005 12:17AM
Subject: Re: Safety Chokes

Original poster: Gregory Hunter

The best advice I can offer for building an NST safety
choke is--don't!

If you wish to protect your NST, I suggest a simple RC
lo-pass network. Use ~1k ohm ceramic power resistors
in each HV leg, and 500-1000pF bypass cap from each HV
terminal to AC ground. Back this up with a safety gap
from each HV terminal to midpoint ground.

If you shop carefully using surplus sources, the power
resistors may be purchased pretty cheaply. HV ceramic
caps are so cheap new, I don't know if surfing for
bargains is worthwhile. The safety gap may be
fabricated from hardware store nuts & bolts.


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> Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Can anyone tell me how do design a proper safety
> choke for a 12,000 volt
> NST and a 4.5" coil.
> I have searched pupman.com but I haven't found
> enough info yet. I'm willing
> to research this topic if pointed in the right
> direction.
> Jim

Gregory R. Hunter