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logistics of running a "real high power" coil

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Just as a gedanken (I'm not likely to actually do anything with this in the
immediate future), what are the logistics of running a >20 kVA coil.  Does
one rent a generator?  (if so, what kind?) What's the implications of
hooking up to the local utility on a temporary basis?

I'm quite familiar with mechanics of hooking up 100 kVA plus loads in a
stage or movie set context, even on location, but what if you're a private
person wanting to experiment, without all the trappings of a production

What sorts of costs (ballpark) are we talking about?
What sort of insurance is going to be required, and by who?

(Aside from the actual physical facility... assume that I've got a place to
experiment, and I just need that 100 kW of juice...)

Here's a scenario to frame the discussion.  You live in a house (or
apartment) where you have room to build things, but neighbors, homeowner's
association, etc., will get a bit "excited" if you try to fire up the coil.
(besides, that 200A service is only 40 odd  kVA).  However, there's a farmer
with many tens of acres a couple miles away who's willing to let you run

I've been thinking in terms of a trailer mounted coil (because you could
store it at an RV storage place, for instance).

Sure, one might think the best scheme is to buy a (surplus) 200 kVA
generator, but that's not cheap either.