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Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx

Paul: you are misapplying transmission line theory. Richard Quick told
you this about 10 years ago, you should have listened to him.  And yes
it does bother me that you would describe velocity factors of up to
twice the speed of light, pretending that this was some sort of
mainstream science.

We still believe that individual E.M waves travel at the speed of
light down the wires of an inductor. Contraction and expansion of
electric fields at the capacitor (including capacitance from the
solenoid) may introduce time delays. But this does not affect the
velocity of the electric fields down the length of the wire. This is
the likely reason for the accuracy of our model in predicting node
locations in multiple wave length coils.

The rope resonance models we have employed are not jokes. The
equations of rope resonance were solved by Jacob and Daniel Bernoulli.
They are energy equations,  some have called them the cornerstone of
modern physics.

Jared Dwarshuis