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RE: Safety Chokes

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau@xxxxxx>

Chokes for NST protection have gone the route of leeches and
blood-letting.  They were once though to be beneficial, but more recent
analysis shows that they are either completely ineffective, or do more
harm than good when used with bypass caps.  Current thinking calls for
R-C networks, typically about 500pF from NST bushings to ground, and ~1K
ceramic wire wound resistors from bushings to main gap.

But the best advice for keeping one's NST in action is to properly set
the main and safety gaps.  No R-C filter or choke will save your NST if
you run with wide-open gaps.

Gary Lau

> Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Can anyone tell me how do design a proper safety choke for a 12,000
> NST and a 4.5" coil.
> I have searched pupman.com but I haven't found enough info yet. I'm
> to research this topic if pointed in the right direction.
> Jim