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RE: Streamer colour

Original poster: "Ian McLean" <ianmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>In my book, streamers terminate in the air, arcs terminate ground

>I have never seen a streamer that was not purple/pink.
> Only the whimsiest feeble arsc were anything other than white/blue.

Thanks for all the inputs everyone.  Just to confirm, all my testing so far
has been to free air only, and I am glad I dont need to be too concerned
about the purple/blue color of my streamers.  Strikes to strike rail were a
bright blue.  I thought it looked pretty normal too.
Further testing today.  2 toroids 3x10 and 3x12, and a breakout bump is
producing 18 inches now with an extra turn on my primary(9 turns).  I am
still getting multiple streamers, but the main ones coming off the bump are
considerably longer.
I still have experimenting to do with the coupling and further fine tuning.
Will update later this weekend.