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Re: O-Scope for tesla coil use

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

There is a plug-in differential amplifier for the 535/545 series and I
have one but it's not where I can check the number conveniently.  In my
use of a 535 the only time that the internal ground has bothered me was
when I was measuring power line-connected stuff and where that was a
problem I've used a line isolation transformer.  It's only 250 watts but
doesn't get excessively warm if used for only a few minutes.  The
simpler alternative in that case is to feed the circuit from the
isolation transformer but because of the leakage reactance of the
transformer that may not work.  Specific example is the case of the
"light-dimmer spark coil driver", which draws hellish peak currents from
the line.