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DC powered Coil single phase 14.4KV 5KVA pig DCPTC ?-)

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Greeting All,

I am considering building a full wave rectified and filtered DC supply to
enjoy the perceived  luxury of have a variable speed RSG. Materials on hand:
14.4KV @ 5KVA Pig, 250 amp arc welder ballast, Powerstat (1256d (0-280) 7500
VA max) for power up. Proposed is to wire the Powerstat between the mains
and the series ballast. I purchased (24) stackable 7500v 1.4amp diodes from
alltr? planning on stacking six per leg for the bridge. I plan to float the
Center tap and ground the transformer. I seem to remember varying opinions
on whether this should be done to Mains or RF ground. I have a typical 8? X
36? coil and numerous pulse capacitors but my present focus is on the Power
Supply. I don?t plan on ever running past 500ma out. Open for discussion are
filter cokes, charging inductors, and of much concern Protection of the
Bridge or it?s robustness for that matter.

I?m a signal level guy? For starters what is an appropriate filter capacitor
and suggested sources and should it be preceded by a filter choke? It would
seem that multiple smaller Caps would be safer then one big boomer. Please
forward to the list if the thread would be of interest to the group.

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora
Fillmore School District, Retired
Ojai, Ca.