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Re: O-Scope for tesla coil use

Original poster: Rich Simpson <richcreations@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks Everyone,
I will take the scope then, as everyone said that they are good scopes, I will make the space for it somewhere (I live on a sailboat, but I have room for it at office I think).

I also found a pdf manual for the 535/545 scopes.

Thanks for all the help of this list, my electronics knowledge is all self taught, and has lots of holes.

I have used a scope before, but someone helped me set it up, I understand all the controls and such, just not about the different kinds of scopes/probes/plugins

I still have a few questions though, perhaps the list can help:

I assume that this is a single trace scope, can it be used for tuning a coil, or do I need a dual trace?

I do not really understand about "plugins", which ones do I need? there seem to be a lot of them out there "looking on the net" but I am not at all sure what this scope has (if any). my friend did say that it worked, and had a trace, but nothing about plugins. do I need plugins to use the scope, does this scope even use plugins? I did not ask my friend about them, as I just learned about them today from the web, and I will not see him until friday when I am supposed to pick it up.

also what kind of leads/probe do I need, I want to use it for audio, and SG tesla coil use.

Someone mentioned that I should remember the scope is grounded, I assume that it would be, as most things in metal boxes are, but how does this apply to it's use? (sorry if this is a dumb question)