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Re: Solid state microwave oven

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

You can use the parts to make a great Royer circuit to run flybacks or other lower voltages. This uses the following: IGBT's x 2, heatsink, ferrite toroidal suppression coil, 4uF polyester cap, and the main ferrite core with rewound primary (or a flyback instead). The IGBT's are 20 -30 A at 600V or so if I recall and are probably OK for Tesla coil stuff. I also use them in my magnetic levitation driver.
For these projects, see:
http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/Other_HV_stuff.htm#TV%20flyback%20HV%20supply%20300WYou can also use the case creatively for a HV supply (although a standard MOis better)http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/Other_HV_stuff.htm#MOT%20supply%20in%20a%20MONote due to a list glitch the web addresses get doubled up. Delete thesecond half when it comes up as not found in your browser. This shouldreally be fixed.Peter (Tesla Downunder)http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au> Original poster: Jerry White <starcatfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> I was just given a solid stats microwave, no mot:-(> Does anyone know anything about these? Are there any parts in there thatcan be used for coils?> Jerry