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Re: 8Hz secondaries...

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Since we're designing BIG coils.. you might want to consider using
wire for the primary: cost and mass.  At 8 Hz, though, skin effect
isn't as big an issue.

And, you need to do some power estimates too..  1000 ft diameter sphere
a breakdown voltage of about 457 MV.  We'll assume there's some surface
imperfections that will limit it to, say, 100 MV.

The stored energy in the topload is about 33 MJ.    We need to assume a
reasonable break rate.  Typical coils have break rates that are about
times less than their resonant frequency, so .01 Hz for this one
it IS a spark gap coil, right?) .. that's not too bad... only 330 kW
average energy."

	Tesla planned to run CW and said the spark gap systems were only an
experimental expedient.  While you're playing with the numbers calculate
the Q of the setup if it's 90% efficient and putting out a megawatt or
so.  Then figure the bandwidth and think about the results.  As far as
I'm concerned that's one more nail in the coffin.