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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Matt,

>      Actually, the only way the claims about Tesla's claims
> can be proved right is for someone to DO IT. - Build a device
> that operates in a way that cannot be explained by current
> theory and that has measurable, reproducible effects, whether
> observed by a skeptic or a true believer.

I agree.  The proof comes with the pudding.  But there is also a
necessity to have some kind of recipe (theory) and the time to make
the pudding.  I spent three years working out the math for a new
foundation of physics because I found what I considered to be many
mistakes in the old theory.  Now I'm in the process of building the
equipment to provide evidence for the new theory.

I don't mind a critical analysis of this new theory or of the
experiment when I finish it.  But I do mind people who think they can
nullify a different theory simply by touting their own.  Physics is
based upon math and dimensions as well as the data (yes there are
other paradigms for defining physics).  The way we explain the data
with math and dimensions is the theory.  Tesla claimed to have the
math and dimensions worked out for his Aether theory, but only pieces
of it were ever made public.  And the pieces I have seen, I can find
problems with.  But with better quality data available today, I
believe I have discovered a far superior system of physics which
accurately quantifies the Aether.

I'm not asking for people to blindly believe or accept what I say, but
neither will I blindly throw away three years of effort just because
someone likes the old theory.  I'm looking for a better explanation of
nature that could benefit all of science.  Those who are interested
can now follow my theories because I have written a well-presented
book on the subject.  It must have something good going for it as V.V.
Raman, a well-respected physicist who has taught physics at RIT for
thirty years had a lot of good things to say about it.  Also, word of
mouth has resulted in the sale of more than 100 copies worldwide since
December.   I have Googled several of the names of buyers and found
that some are CEOs of private research companies with government
contracts and retired politician/scientists from NASA.  There are also
a fair number of curiosity seekers with an interest in alternative
physics.  Some people are also private researchers who have produced
interesting phenomena that the present system of physics does not
adequately explain.

I won't criticize others on this list for their atheism, agnosticism,
hedonism, fundamentalism, or other -isms.  I don't expect others would
criticize me for my extra-scientific views, either.  If people like
Dan and Ed don't like my new system of physics, then I think it would
be mature of them to actually point out its actual errors, rather than
smear me because of some religious, spiritual, or metaphysical view.