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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,

> "Tesla described the equipment as working with magnetic
> impulses in the Aether."
> 	Maybe so, but it also had to work as an ordinary
> electric circuit, and that can be analyzed as accurately as desired.

You seem to be missing a key element.  Magnetic pulses in the Aether
are no more an electric circuit than air molecules bouncing off of
each other.  Regardless of the fact that the Aether is pulsed by an
electric circuit, the medium being excited is not a part of that
circuit.  Tesla was broadcasting with mechanical waves, not with
photons.  And since modern EM theory ignores the medium that is being
mechanically waved, there is no way to quantify it in modern theory.

Take a moment to reflect on the situation.  You are claiming that EM
theory can explain all broadcasting phenomena.  Your claim is that
Tesla's work can be explained with modern theory.  Yet Tesla claimed
otherwise, and you also admit that you don't understand how Tesla
could make his claims based upon your understanding of EM theory.  I
know you have concluded that Tesla must have been delusional on this
aspect of his research and wasted $100,000 of John Morgan's money for
an idea that could not possibly work.

We both agree that the only way Tesla could be proved right is if your
understanding of broadcasting is incomplete and Tesla understood
something you did not.  If you're not ready to investigate a
quantified Aether theory then this discussion is at a draw.  You can't
claim victory by simply ignoring the other theory.