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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,

> "Any attempt at trying to analyze Tesla's work with modern RF
> theory is in vain.  Tesla despised RF and minimized its
> radiation effects from his circuits.  Tesla wanted all the
> electrons to stay within the Tesla coil and use the energy to
> modulate the medium rather than shooting electrons and
> photons all over the place.
> Dave"
> 	Wrong as can be.  Modern (and not so modern) "RF
> theory" is perfectly capable of determining the electrical
> parameters of Tesla's proposed transmitting system and of the
> power and losses associated with operating it as his patents
> describe.

We've gone through this a dozen times already, so I'm not going to go
any further than to say modern RF theory ignores the Aether and
therefore cannot quantify the process for modulating it.

> That's just simple "Ohm's law"
> and he described ALL of the pieces so it is easy to construct
> the circuits and determine the consequences of energizing
> them.  Anything built to those specifications would have to
> behave as analyzed.

Tesla described the equipment as working with magnetic impulses in the

> 	If there is any place for uncertainty (to those of us
> who are slaves to "modern theory") it is as to the mode by
> which he hoped to use the apparatus to transmit energy and
> deliver it to remote receivers.  It's not necessary to
> consider that mechanism in order to analyze the transmitter
> performance.

Sure it is.  If you're expecting photons, but no photons are sent,
you're not going to get a positive reading.