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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Gary,

> This may be beside the point, but how the HECK do you build a
> secondary to resonate at 8 Hertz?  What size topload?  Please
> give details beyond "I hacked my secondary in half..."

As I mentioned, this is a combination flat spiral, tall solenoid
secondary.  The flat spiral is wound with 24 gage, 1:4 ratio flat
magnet wire to 13" diameter.  The tall solenoid is 31 gage round
magnet wire wound 6 feet on a 2" PVC pipe.  The tall solenoid will be
jacketed (like my previous coil) and oil filled to prevent arcing.
The topload will be just a few pF, probably a 3", 4" or 6" sphere.