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Re: DRSSTC eye candy (sparks)

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

wow steve!!!!!,
                        that is seriously impressive. looks like reliability
is becoming better all the time in these coils also.
i think im gonna have to build a full bridge for mine you have inspired me.

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Subject: DRSSTC eye candy (sparks)

> Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx> > > Hey guys, > > It was in the low 50's (temp) today so i cleaned up the garage a bit > and brought my DRSSTC out there for a run. I was happy to see it > pegging 5' and reaching out to 6' whenever it wasnt arcing to > something closer. You can see the pictures at the BOTTOM of this > page: > > http://www.stevehv.4hv.org/DRSSTC1.htm > > Just a few notes about this run. I did blow the 15A fuse twice (the > fuse was all that failed). I think this might be partially due to my > VERY large filtering capacitors (22000uF each, 200V). The 7.5A variac > wasnt even warm after a long run, so im a bit skeptical if im really > using 15A rms. The peak primary current surged to about 700A during > stressful "short" arc conditions (like to the strike rail at about 2 > feet). The longer sparks (most of the connected streamers are at 5' > length or better) did not trip the OCD. The sparks out to the wall on > the left were measured to 67", and i had a few reach out past 6' > (didnt get any on camera though). I will have to bring the coil > outside to see what it can really do... i never reached full input > voltage. I was running the coil at 120bps and about 150uS on period > for about 8.5 cycles. I found that increasing from 120uS to 150uS > made a considerable improvement. I even had it cranked up near 180uS > at one point where i was getting 5' sparks at maybe 65% input voltage! > Pretty much out of room in this garage though, so i will have to wait > till it gets dark and run it out in the back yard and see where this > guy tops off for spark length, my guess is about 80" will be the very > max. > > Comments and questions are welcome. > > Steve Ward > > >