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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've refrained from the wireless transmission thread as long as I
could. :-)

Tesla firmly did not believe in RF theory.  Tesla clearly stated his
view that magnetic pulses through the Aether was his method and medium
and that it was far superior to Hertz's electromagnetic propagation
method.  He even went so far as to say that Hertzian waves would be
abandoned once people understood his theory.

But then came Einstein who wrote the Aether out of electromagnetic
theory after the MMX.  By doing so he removed the medium that Tesla
was modulating with magnetic pulses.

Although Tesla was wrong to state that Hertzian waves were
non-existent, he was correct in his view that Aether could be
modulated with magnetic pulses.  He clearly distinguishes his method
of using magnetic pulses in many of his patents.

The difference between the two systems is that Hertzian waves are
produced by converting electrons to photons.  The angular momentum is
finite and diverges as it radiates through space.  Tesla's magnetic
pulses send no angular momentum through the Aether.  It vibrates the
Aether medium itself with longitudinal waves, just like sound vibrates
air molecules.  Of course, one has to quantify the Aether in order to
develop technology along these lines.  For those interested, I have
written a book that precisely quantifies the Aether called "Secrets of
the Aether" and it is available online at www.16pi2.com.

Tesla's Wardencliffe system used a combination secondary coil
comprising a flat spiral at the base and a tall solenoid connected to
it.  I have built similar coils and have posted the coils online at
http://www.tesla-coil-builder.com/FlatSpiralSolenoidCombo.htm.  I'm
presently building a better tuned version based upon my previous
experiences.  The combination secondary coil I'm building now will
have a resonant frequency of 8Hz to 13Hz depending on topload.

Tesla's wireless system used high frequency in the coil, but the coil
was detuned slightly to cause the electrostatic charge to rise and
fall within the secondary at the rate of the Earth's resonant
frequency.  By moving an enormous electrostatic charge up and down at
about 8Hz Tesla essentially created an electrostatic plunger.  This
caused the Earth's electrostatic field on the ground to start rippling
like a plunger in a pond.  By maintaining the plunger rate for a
couple hours he could eventually get the Earth's electrostatic field
oscillating in rhythm to his tower.

The technology of the Wardencliffe tower was different from the
technology of his remote control boat.  Wardencliffe created a
resonant oscillation in the Earth's electrostatic field, the remote
control boat used magnetic pulses.  Tesla's concept for signaling Mars
used the same concept as his remote control boat, magnetic pulses in
the Aether.

Any attempt at trying to analyze Tesla's work with modern RF theory is
in vain.  Tesla despised RF and minimized its radiation effects from
his circuits.  Tesla wanted all the electrons to stay within the Tesla
coil and use the energy to modulate the medium rather than shooting
electrons and photons all over the place.