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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - First light ;-))

Original poster: "Paul Benham" <paulb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry,

I hope it works/helps and look forward to seeing how you get on.



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> Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi Paul, > > At 08:54 AM 3/8/2005, you wrote: > > >Could a DC blocking capacitor be added in series with the ground connection > >to the tesla coil secondary? In the event of a strike to the primary the DC > >bus caps cannot then discharge through the IGBT into the ground via the > >secondary. Just an idea, maybe there is greater problems than this to worry > >about or this just adds further problems. > > > >Cheers, > > > >Paul. > > > I have been thinking real hard on this %:-) > > I blew two more IGBTs Sunday when a streamer either hit the primary again > or the DRSSTCs case at 41 inches!!! They guy closest said it hit the case > where others though the primary got hit (no cam this time). Happily, it > just blows pairs of IGBTs which is not bad to fix at all! > > A DC block all by itself still lets bad RF through, but simply adding an > inductor forms a bandpass filter that may indeed do the trick!! I wrote up > the details here: > > http://drsstc.com/~terrell/notes/DRSSTCprotec.pdf > > Thanks for the starting idea!! > > Cheers, > > Terry > > >